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Migration services

Our migration process  begins with understanding of what is the business case or compelling event that will drive your migration to the cloud? Then  begin to contemplate how to migrate an application during the next phase of the Migration Process—Portfolio Discovery and Planning. This is when what determine what’s in your environment, what are the interdependencies, what’s going to be easy or hard to migrate, and how you would like to  migrate each application. Using this knowledge, we will prepare a plan  for how we will approach migrating each of the applications in your  portfolio and in what order.


We recommend taking an approach of continuous improvement. Start with the least-complex application, learn how to migrate while learning more about the target platform, and build toward the more-complex application migrations as your organization becomes more cloud and migration fluent. To help scale the migration factory quickly, I also recommend creating Agile teams focused on some type of migration theme. You might have a few teams dedicated to one or more of the migration strategies, to common application types (websites, SharePoint, back-office, etc.), to different business units, or, in all likelihood, some combination thereof.

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