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Align Your Business with The Cloud

Prepare for the new ”New”

Our Story

We are a group of Silicon Valley Professionals committed to offer our collective expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Micro services and Serverless. All of us have been working in the Silicon valley for more than a decade and we are fortunate enough to be the  part of the Silicon Valley  work force that are   creating new applications and systems through continuous innovations.

Our Vision

To be the world leader of the new “new”. In other words, leveraging the Power of the Artificial Intelligent, Public Cloud, and Intelligent Edge, we will provide the best products and services to companies that are building all types of intelligent applications and systems.


Our Engineers are extremely dedicated to develop innovative solutions and provide cost effective services for Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Micro services and Serverless.

Who are we

Transform your applications to the cloud


An integrated engagement approach

Our AWS certified solution architects and developers will help you architect an environment that provides you with an optimized solution on the AWS platform. We provide you the guidance through portfolio analysis, new project identification with a focus on innovation and agility, and migration analysis as well as ROI/TCO analysis.


At the beginning of the engagement we evaluate your needs and readiness.  Our processes and delivery provide speed, agility, innovation.   

How it works

From strategy to deliver, we weave together the diverse cloud, AI, microservices and serverless expertise and services you need to move your business forward as a whole.

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