Transform your applications to the cloud

Strategy Consulting and Architecture Our AWS certified solution architects and developers will help you architect an environment that provides you with an optimized solution on the AWS platform. We provide you the guidance through portfolio analysis, new project identification with a focus on innovation and agility, and migration analysis as well as ROI/TCO analysis.

We are experienced technologists with technical breadth and we will work with you  to enable innovation through continuous deployment across technology stacks and recommend best practices around advanced cloud solutions. We build architectures and provide prescriptive guidance across networking, storage, operating systems, virtualization, RDBMS & NoSQL databases, containers, and mid-tier technologies (application integration, security, in-memory caches).

Cloud launch roadmap

At the Cloud Launch Roadmap planning sessions, we will bring your team together to take a holistic approach to review your cloud adoption strategy. Then we will build a roadmap with specific goals and objectives to help you realize your strategy.

  • Build Goals and Objectives for the customer’s Cloud Adoption Framework

  • Establish budgets

  • Understand cloud adoption drivers

  • Review cloud adoption details

  • Identify cloud ready workloads

  • Identify governance and security requirements

  • Build an action plan 


Migration services

Our migration process  begins with understanding of what is the business case or compelling event that will drive your migration to the cloud? Then  begin to contemplate how to migrate an application during the next phase of the Migration Process—Portfolio Discovery and Planning. This is when what determine what’s in your environment, what are the interdependencies, what’s going to be easy or hard to migrate, and how you would like to  migrate each application. Using this knowledge, we will prepare a plan  for how we will approach migrating each of the applications in your  portfolio and in what order.

We recommend taking an approach of continuous improvement. Start with the least-complex application, learn how to migrate while learning more about the target platform, and build toward the more-complex application migrations as your organization becomes more cloud and migration fluent. To help scale the migration factory quickly, I also recommend creating Agile teams focused on some type of migration theme. You might have a few teams dedicated to one or more of the migration strategies, to common application types (websites, SharePoint, back-office, etc.), to different business units, or, in all likelihood, some combination thereof.

Cloud Security

We have developed a step by step assessment and recommendation methodology to improve understanding of the requirements and elements of Cloud Security, based on best practices and standards in business process architecture, design and quality management.

Our approach

  • Diagnose projects, initiatives, organizations, businesses and processes using accepted diagnostic standards and practices

  • Implement evidence-based best practice strategies aligned with overall goals

  •  Integrate recent advances and process design strategies into practice according to best practice guidelines

  • Use the Self-Assessment tool Scorecard and develop a clear picture of which areas need attention​​​

We have developed a step by step assessment and recommendation methodology   to improve understanding of the requirements and elements of Cloud Security, based on best practices and standards in business process architecture, design and quality management, compliance and audit management.


Serverless websites and applications can be written and deployed without the front-work of setting up infrastructure. As such, it is possible to launch a fully-functional site in days. The best part is that serverless backends scale automatically with demand. No need to fear crashing when you get sudden surges of traffic.

Benefits of serverless architecture:

  • 89% Faster compute deployment: Increase business value and decrease time-to-market
  • Automatic scaling:  Serverless cloud providers ensure that capacity grows with your needs
  • 60% Lower five-year cost of operations:  Save on computing costs and handle traffic spikes effectively
  • Attract the best talent:  Empower your developers with cutting-edge technologies